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Epicure Menu

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Menu for the entire table

Alsace in a few small bites  

Quail’s egg poached “à la Diable”, crispy potatoes with herbs 

  Jerusalem artichoke from "Eric Greiner", Tomme d'Alsace and smoked beef,
Jerusalem artichoke velouté with farmhouse cream and Bourbon vanilla

Crabs meat salad and Caviar “osciètre”, cucumber mousse

Green apple jelly, olive oil “fruité mûr Equilibe”

Pike perch, pike and frog legs as a nod to our terroir
White mushrooms and fresh herbs, Dashi with mild curry
and Butter from the Suss farm      

Blue lobster in memory of Brittany, roasted chanterelles
Spinach shoot, juice with coral and white Porto

Elderflower sorbet, “Granny Smith” Apple and ginger 

Roasted rabbit from farmhouse “Schneider”, candied shoulder in Ravioli   
                   Peas and courgette from Eric Greiner with Verbena

Venison „Fleckenstein“, parsnip, blackcurant jelly, nuts,
rasberries vinegar sauce

Alsatian Plum compote, honey-iced Parfait
Crispy and tonka bean mousse

Pomelos and Orange from Nice infused with green Sancha tea         
Soft cake with yuzu, Orange and star anise sorbet

Petits fours 

Last order 1 p.m on lunch and 9 p.m on dinner